Mobile App Maintenance & Solution

Mobile App Maintenance & Solution

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App Maintenance and  Services

App Maintenance and Services

At UXD Media, after deploy of your app, we handover your control stick. Some of our clients asked UXD Media for support services after app deployment as well.

As the user base grows with time to time there are many things need to be done side by side such as server migration, low latency and  some other factors comes into play. These factors are directly affected the performance of your app business. Our expert and experienced team members are always with you to help as well.

Team with steadfast technological knowledge

Our team proven expertise in designing and developing out of the box mobile applications and that is robust, interactive, creative and user friendly. We believe, successful applications are built with well thought out strategy, elegance and reliable architecture and easy to use design.   

Value-added service quality

Value added service make customers happy and satisfied. A value added product gives the best reviews and ratings in the market. Customers are more likely to continue using services of the company that makes them happy. We are one of those companies which provide the best quality of service with industry experience.

Application security management

When we come in terms of mobile applications or web based applications. Then security is the important factor in mobile application management.

Hackers & Malicious Threats

  • Inject malware into apps and onto devices where it can access data, store keystrokes, and steal screen lock passcodes.
  • Tamper with or copy your application’s code and reverse engineer a spoof app containing malware.
  • Intercept sensitive information traveling over the airwaves.
  • Steal customer data for identity theft or fraud purposes.
  • Get hold of intellectual property and private business assets.
  • Access your IP or compromise your company’s back-end network.

Our priority is to secure your application first.

Feature Extension

You know the best mobile app features always your customers want. There are five important elements that need to be included in order to ensure your mobile app has a shot at success including:

  • A rich experience
  • Intuitive and easy navigation
  • Seamless checkout
  • Personalized experiences
  • Simplicity

Our engineers consistently do work on research and development to make your application flawless with robust features.

Testing & Bug Fixing

Developing a mobile application is a very challenging experience. Unfortunately, it isn’t always possible to plan for bugs. They can just appear from ‘nowhere’ and it can be very difficult to find the source of them. But our QA team is very active to satisfy their role in application testing and bug fixing. They followed three steps basically for mobile app testing:

  1. Automated testing: is a way to quickly and efficiently test how a mobile app performs. This allows the app developer to run the software or script to see how it works on various devices.
  2. User acceptance testing: This process involves the app being tested by real users, in real-world scenarios. The application is sent to your customer they will provide feedback. UAT is invaluable in that you can make sure that the app works as you have planned it to work.

Beta testing: is usually carried out before the app is released to the general public. Beta testing can help you get feedback from many users, receive reports on bugs, and test a number of different devices. Beta testing is one of the most important steps to make sure that you develop a top quality, stable app.

Cost-Effective app maintenance services

One thing I would like to say. Our app development and maintenance price is affordable and best in quality. Because that is true we never compromise in Quality.

Enhanced app performance with ideal solutions

Our team always keeps eyes on the issues of applications such as overcrowded data, network latency, encrypted connection which is not optimized properly, sluggishness of the server speed, faulty library and SDK so on. There are different reasons why your app loses out in the speed factor and not functioning well, in terms of that we identify the exact problem and solve it as soon as possible.

Resolving problems in lesser time

At a time when technology is moving ahead at an express pace and people don’t have any patience, you’ve got to remain on the tips of your toes to ensure you retain your users. We have expert engineers and developers to resolve the issues whatever there in a quick way.

App analyzing for Startups

We analyze the business for our startup companies who trust us and given a chance to work with. Some routes we follow to achieve their success in the startup business such as:

  • Customer engagement with the application
  • 24 x 7 service and support
  • Mobile app promotion
  • Online sales process
  • Create a customer loyalty program within your app

24 x 7 Support

We always at your door step to help you. As an IT development company, 24x7 internet technologies proactively gain insights into leading and emerging technologies to meet the ever growing needs of our valued customers.

If you want to get our service and support please click here.

Quick Response to Queries

Our support team replies to our customers queries through email within 24 to 48 hours definitely.  Sometime, in some urgent and need to be done before 24 hours please call us on +91-9871542142.


Why You Should Give Maintenance to Us

Why You Should Give Maintenance to Us

  • An Individual, Agency, Enterprise or a Startup, Mobile and
  • Web Apps definitely change the way you do your business.
  • Makes internal communication easy
  • Helps socialize with family and friends
  • Thrill gamers, shoppers, travellers, learners,
  • Food and fitness freaks
  • Stores and secures Data
  • Connects directly to clients or consumers
  • Entertain actual kids and older kids
  • Enables society change positively
  • Navigates route or forecasts weather

Reasons to go for Mobile App in Maintenance

Mobile app maintenance is a continuous process. You must always have something new to offer, promotion, re-invent some features or redesign your site so that your customers will visit your website frequently. You should always have room for improvement and stay updated. Because if issues or problems are ignored, it can have a negative impression to your customers for your business and can lead to money loss.

Protecting App from Cyber Threats and Hackers
Free from Bugs & Error
Continually Reviewing & Testing
Getting smooth functionality to accelerate in your business
Optimized Interface & Upgrades
Save Your App from Being Abandoned on App Store
Avoiding Downtimes to Avoid Revenue Losses
Get used to User Preferences
Frequent App Monitoring Helps You Stay Competitive