eLearning Solutions

eLearning Solutions

Our custom eLearning solutions which are a result of careful considerations

Custom Learning

Custom Learning

Our tailor-made solutions are effective and engaging eLearning solutions for you especially.

UXD Media offers you a highly customized eLearning experience to fit your brand and preferences. Our expert team designed from the ground-up to bring consistency through a responsive, device friendly. There are a wide variety of factors are considered when determining your custom elearning solution as the custom elearning offer enhanced solution for your team's learning progress.

We provide custom eLearning solutions which are a result of careful considerations, deep understanding of your requirements, budget and timelines, and are based on solid instructional design methodologies, and graphic and media design principles.

UXD Media creates custom learning content as per specific e-learning needs in collaboration with subject-matter experts and experienced content development professionals. All within stipulated timelines and budgets.

  • A true one stop shop
  • Flexible modalities
  • Intelligent learning design
  • Content authoring capabilities
  • Varied resource
  • Budget utilization
Mobile Learning

Mobile Learning

Today the growing prevalence of tablets and smartphones in the workplace and institutions provides an excellent opportunity to make learning and support available right when they're needed.

When it comes to mobile learning, UXD Media works best. Providing learners with short and focused pieces of information and ensures they get relevant content in small and easily consumable chunks.

Mobile learning can enable you to scale your training as it can be:

  • Quickly made accessible to all employees, students in one go, across geographies.
  • Updated easily and redeployed in a shorter time.
  • Used to create higher impact and focused training. For instance, personalized training that map to a given role, proficiency, or a region.
  • Used for offering formal training, informal training, as performance
  • Support tools, or job aids, as well as to supplement Instructor-Led Training (ILT).
  • Used to promote social or collaborative learning and effectively to encourage self-directed learning.

Mobile learning is an effective and scalable approach to ensure that the employee training keeps pace with your growth. In contrast to face-to-face training, it costs lesser and can be deployed faster to a wider audience with a consistent message.

Application Training

Application Training

UXD Media provides corporate based training courseware on various application developments includes the tools, technologies, processes, and methodologies required by development teams to create, modify, and maintain business applications.

We provide high quality and timely application development education services for two years. Our expertise and course catalog include:

Technology and programming language courses such as Oracle, .NET, Java, Open Source technologies, Android and iOS, among many others we are providing training with excellent training ware designs.

  • Our role on specific training focused on analysts, developers, testers, project managers, and IT managers
  • Process and training methodologies in IT project management, business analysis, Agile and SCRUM development, etc.

We have the expertise and experience to make your team successful.

Animation & Scenario Based Learning

Animation & Scenario Based Learning

At UXD Media, we have an array of team of professionals such as directors, scriptwriters, illustrators, designers, animators, developers and photographers with years of technical, editorial and development experience. Our animation services are made after long research and brainstorming by our team which aims to ensure it fits exactly into a limited timeframe, using the best of creative artists, animation experts, and advanced software. We are basically a creative agency and have creative and weird minds, who will work with you to create distinctive and meaningful characters to showcase your services.

A story-based or scenario-based learning approach to teaching this concept can help learners immerse themselves into the course better. The learnability and memorability quotient of the course increases.

There are several approaches to use the story-based or scenario-based learning approach. 

  • Master scenarios:  in this case, we start off the course with a master scenario that sets the context for the entire course.
  • A story for the entire course: in this case, learners are being presented with a story at the beginning of the course, and it is weaved throughout the course in all the screens.

We follow learning experience design in a way that the courses that we build are useful and meaningful to our audiences.

Interactive PDFs

Interactive PDFs

Why use interactive pdfs for elearning solution?

Today, interactive PDFs are gaining so much popularity as a quick and handy elearning solution. Many organizations and educational institutions are looking forward to interactive PDFs as a medium to present information in a crisper and engaging way. This article is an attempt to assess the interactive PDF, its features, along with its development and deployment methods.

Interactive PDFs are quite in demand these days instead of WBT (Web-Based Training). Interactive PDFs are;

  • Create awareness about content and provide basic information about it.
  • Provide sufficient interactivity for a better learning experience than traditional PDFs.
  • Search engine purpose this is good and pdfs are easily crawled by google.
  • Provide ease of access from a portal or in email, thus minimizing the pain of uploading and maintaining WBTs.

What types of Interactions can do with interactive iPDFs

  • Click and reveal
  • Pop-ups
  • Tabs
  • Tooltips
  • Type-in textboxes
  • Dropdowns
  • Animations
  • Menu driven
  • Linked with multiple files and can explore through “Next” and  “Back” buttons.