Enterprise Application Development

Enterprise Application Development

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What is Enterprise Application Development (EAD)

What is Enterprise Application Development (EAD)

The word “enterprise” it’s another name is simply business and the term “application” means software. It is combined with application. Enterprise Application is a system of platform talking in a large way. Enterprise Application Development is a project or undertaking and especially this is complex and large if we talk in the whole way.

Enterprise Application development goes in the long run and to develop this type of application required large team by using lengthy, rigid and waterfall model process. Enterprise Application follows Agile Methodology because the whole project categorized into different module or segment. Thus development team always tries to complete module wise one by one and deliver the whole application finally. Enterprise Application followed daily SCRUM meeting to go in a better way with milestone wise that’s why there is less risk to complete more complex and large projects as well. It builds applications both with internal business teams as well as agencies external to the company for better understanding and incorporate user’s goals as well as need.

So overall I would say development of enterprise application is complex system and no doubt a tough job. That is required to delicate planning, proper requirement and expertise for right type of development.

Our mission is to enhance your businesses by implementing best practice and processes through usable and robust enterprise solutions.

Enterprise Application Development (EAD) Process

Enterprise Application Development (EAD) Process

Define Enterprise Application Strategy

Enterprise Application Development means the complexity and lengthy. The way is to navigate the complexity for such application landscaped and developed with proper logic, theory as well as consistent with enterprise application is called strategy. Any good enterprise application strategy begins with:

  1. Evaluating and estimating core business capabilities applicable within the industry.
  2. Determining between three to five capabilities by which that could be truly differentiated the enterprise.
  3. A deliberate effort is to identify and limit the number of differentiating capabilities that is the key to stakeholder alignment and informing the enterprise application landscape.

UI/ UX Development

Usability is the backbone of any applications that required before coding and development while it comes to Enterprise Architecture.  End-users always expect their system or product to be more intuitive and user friendly to their needs.

Right selection for tools and software

The main important thing is the right selection of tools to be used in the Enterprise Application Development process that can literally make or break your project. Once the target environment and programming languages decided as well as the requirements and goals are well-enough finalized. Then the next phase application development project would be ready to start by choosing such tools and using throughout the process.

At UXD Media, we follow the IDE(Integrated Debugging Environment). That serves a combination of code editor and debugging interface. The IDE is also an integration point for many other types of tools. Besides our team also use a range of required tools in the development process.

  • Tools to support methodology
  • Usability tools
  • Source Control
  • Bug Trackers
  • Automated Deployment
  • Testing tools
  • EA Implementation

EA integration is completely a process of linking multiple applications together in order to make something easier and automate business processes with covered by great areas as possible, simultaneously avoiding to make extending changes to the applications that can be linked with either at the back-end through APIs or in the front-end with GUI (Graphical User Interface).

Today there are many companies adopted COTS means commercial off the shelf to meet their business requirements in a quick way. Out of those applications are such as ERP, CRM, SCM, BPM etc.

At UXD Media, we have proven track record for end-to-end implementations across a great deal in competitive industries. We also offer our clients a thought partnership that enables them to evaluate the right solution and a right business blueprint aligned with right business goals.

EA Deployment

The best application development and deployments occur when the implementation creates the sense of business. A successful application deployment requires support from people within the top levels of the company as well as support from the professionals working in that such application deployment intoboth inside and outside(client side) who will use the application. Company must provide clear, concise, and appropriate information to their employees those are involved into such application and training them into both inside and outside(client side)of the company, that will be affected by the deployment.

After all it is the people involved at all levels who determine a deployed application whether it is success or failure. Enterprise application deployments are not about software only, but about people.

EA Testing and Support

Testing is an integral part of enterprise applications that runs as backbones to many profitable business organizations. Day by day enterprise testing has become harder to execute the complexities of processes and transaction data density.

There is an array of testing approach as we follows:

  • Modular testing and requirements
  • Regression, Integration as well as system testing
  • Usability and UI testing
  • Functionality testing
  • Performance testing
  • Database interaction testing
  • Compatibility testing
  • After Installation and deployment testing
Hire Our Application Developers

Hire Our Application Developers

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  • No Compromise with Quality
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Follow Agile methodology
  • A Trusted Company
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Enterprise Application Development Experience with Following Sectors

Enterprise Application Development Experience with Following Sectors

Healthcare and Wellness

UXD Media is specialized in healthcare and wellness industries by developing on demand applications for certified industries. Our aim is to provide you the best enterprise application to healthcare industries.

Retail and ecommerce Store

We developed an array of custom applications on B2B, B2C. Our on demand market place application is prove our expertise. Our applications possess most engaging digital experience for your customers to maintain the highest levels of standards as a product.


Banking, Insurance and Finance

Our on demand custom applications help cater of your business unique requirements. UXD Media focuses on product development by enabling efficient business processes with the help of robust and scalable enterprise software to achieve the best quality in the product development.

Tour and Travel Booking

UXD Media is a leading tours and travel application development company. We deeply understand your specific needs and providing byon demand customized solutions and thus making you stand out in your business domain.

eLearning & Classroom

We create powerful e-learning solutions and learning management system, mobile learning application, e-learning applications for K12 segments such as for school and college educational applications provide packed with powerful features, interactive designs, simplicity, great technology and innovative ideas.

Entertainment and Media House

Today using the efficient and latest entertainment app development services, publishers, media houses, music industry, creative studios, gaming industries, advertising companies and many more associated with media and entertainment businesses start adopting updated technology and taking advantage in order to deliver unmatched entertainment to their customers. UXD Media is a one of the leading on demand enterprise application Development Company having proficiency in media and entertainment applications development. Our versatile team provides successful outcomes to give your business competitive edge in a profitable way.