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IIT Develops AI System to Read Legal Judgments

AI system used to Perform Legal Research

Researchers at Indian Institute Technology (IIT); Kharagpur already started research on AI-aided method to read legal judgments. This is expected Artificial Intelligence will help in many ways such as, if any laws are getting violated and second thing reduce the legal costs to some extent.

At IIT, Kharagpur a team of researchers shortlisted to make research and development and use a novel method to automate the reading of a legal document by using a model with Machine Learning procedure and technique.

According to the Professor Mr. Saptarshi Ghosh, the mentor of this researchers’ team, he said we are trying to build an AI system which will be helped by guiding about the laws are being violated in a given situation. Second thing it is also help if there is merit in taking on a particular situation by the court. Apart from that, legal costs can be reduced by this AI system.

How AI System Model Will Work

To make this model they use handcrafted equipment and features to train the machine and also used two deep neural models to deeply understand the word and sentences in a legal case judgment. The AI model will understand automatically and the role of sentences in a legal case judgment is really very important so that it can help in several situations of tasks such as;

  • Narrating and summarizing of legal judgments,
  • Legal search,
  • Analysis of law case and other functions.

Ai Can Bering phenomenal

AI Can bring Phenomenal

In India, in our judiciary law system uses a common law system that emphasizes the doctrine of legal precedent over statutory law.There is large number of cases and legal documents are written not in a well-structured way and if we go to make it as structured this will take much more time and money obviously. However, in this case we hope our Artificial Intelligence Model can bring as remarkable and exceptional as well.

There are many countries used AI to perform legal judgments worldwide. AI does following tasks and help in legal case in a well-structured way.

  • Legal research ,
  • Review documents during litigation
  • Conduct due diligence,
  • Analyze contracts to determine whether they meet pre-determined criteria to predict outcomes.

USA, Britain, Japan, Australia and Singapore those countries are used AI for legal judgments as of now. However, the research team expecting AI will help in a better way in terms of legal field in India very soon. The research team said, we are using network and document based text analysis to understand if two legal documents are similar and seeing it is uniquely suited to carry out research along with these lines.

A paper published on this research and won the prestigious award called 'Best Paper Award' at JURIX 2019, the International Conference on Legal Knowledge and Information Systems, Madrid, Spain.


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