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How Bounce Rate Can Be Reduced Of Your Website

What is Bounce Rate

Bounce rate or exit rate is basically a web analytics measure in the search engines. Any end-users visits your site leaves without taking time or viewing for sometimes then that user will contributes bounce rate to your website.

Bounce rate is one of the most essential metrics in terms of digital marketing and high bounce rate means not good for your website.  If you’re not tracking your bounce rate, then I would say you are doing a great mistake.

Especially in case of ecommerce site with high bounce rates could be costing you a lot of money. More so a climbing bounce rate means users are in ambiguity stepping backwards out of your conversion funnel with their cash is still in their pocket. There are some factors increasing of bounce rate of your website let’s understand how bounce rate is working.

Bounce Rate Increased

Factors of Bounce Rate Increased

  • Misleading or misguiding of page title and description,
  • High-page loading time,
  • Breaking link, blank page, redirection issues or error in code,
  • Non-optimized and low quality content, readability issues, 
  • Poor site navigation not mobile friendly
  • Not enough trust signs in the site such as SSL, client reviews, client testimonials, service and support, location and contact details does matters,
  • Window shopping,
  • Especially in ecommerce sites, item out of stock, no shipping information, no return/ refund policy.

How Bounce Rate is working

A high bounce rate is not always bad that is fluctuating maximum time. A good and bad of bounce rate that is depends on the purpose of the website and its pages. If the main motive of the page is to provide information only then a high bounce rate is not a matter. Because the users visit the post or reading blog if that suits to them then that is ok otherwise will leave soon. As we told above a high bounce rate becomes a problem in that case what you need to be done? You need to optimize your website with Organic SEO (search engine friendly) by a good Search Engine Optimization executive or company. A good designed and user friendly website with some good information for users will have low bounce rate basically. A good UI/ UX layout does matter in the website, this can be achieved either by adding a CTA button (call to action) with good user interface.

You can monitor your bounce rate in Google Analytics as well on daily basis and give your users some incentives such as related blogs, informative visuals or videos to stay on your website. Website should be easily navigable, rich and relevant content will ensure your website offers an engaging experience for all of your users, and your bounce rate will thank you no doubt.

How to Reduce Bounce Rate

What is the average good or bad for ecommerce Site

There is no such thing as a good or bad level of bounce rate because content in your website does matters. Further I say content-rich pages reference pages are all bounce worthy and typically have much higher bounce rates includes:

  • Contact pages
  • Blog posts
  • FAQ pages
  • Receipt and confirmation pages
  • Privacy policy, terms of use pages

How to Reduce Bounce Rate

UXD Media has an expert Digital marketing team they take care of your site and reduce high bounce rate. There are some points can help to reduced bounce rate of your website:

Proper Internal Linking: website inside pages should be inter-linked properly. So that end-users can stay for a while and go from one page to other related pages use relevant key phrases within the content this is one of the best practices to reduce high bounce rate of your website.

Page Title and Description: ensure that your page title and description should be relevant and match properly this is another cause and eventually reduces the bounce rate.

Reduce Loading Time of web page: Users don’t have patience to wait while your page would be downloaded and see, no matter how good looking and user-friendly website you have if there is a delay to open the web page then user will close and move ahead. Therefore, the website with higher page loading time can reduce the visitors by which it is another cause of increasing bounce rate.

Use attractive visuals and icons: A good visual and infographic website must increases the engagement rate of users and also helps by reducing the bounce rate. So good visual design does matters for low bounce rate.

Tell users what to do next

Users know exactly what to do when they land on your page, include a colorful and eye-catching call-to-action (CTA) for new blogs or related posts or give link to go for other pages. If we think about online ecommerce site there should be related products, items on sale, new arrivals, offer and sale etc. So, these stuffs are should be in your website to reduce your bound rate. 


Overall bounce rate is not a big deal that can be controlled if you follow the steps outlined above and you will see the bounce rate will start decreasing within no time. This is last but not least, for a better understanding, find out the top exit pages, page loading timings, make site user-friendly and keep an eye on bounce rate statistics can slow down the higher bounce rate.


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