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Email Marketing is a great choice for Returns on Investment

Why Email Marketing?

A lot of business house ignore this method and think this trick is already old and leave. But Email marketing is an essential tool for business. Email Marketing is a form of direct marketing by using electronic mail as a means of communicating commercial or lead generating messages to end-users. Email marketing is a part of Digital Marketing that is use to bring specific target audience and generate genuine leads for your business.

Why Email Marketing is a great ROI

The reason is simple that everyone has almost email ids they have now these days. There are around more than 90% customers use email on a daily basis. Most of the smartphone users browse their email inbox in their phones. Email marketing is very particular to communicate with particular target customers than social media platforms.

Best Email Marketing Practices

There are some unique email marketing practices want to share with you one by one below.

Connect With Your Audience

Hope you may have seen there is thousands of email you received on various offers and promotions such as to buy erectile dysfunction drugs or to make slim trim your body and related to weight loss, right? Hope your consumer profile probably didn't fit according to their products, even not likely related to those.

So, the question is how to connect your target customers? The answer is very simple you need to create various email marketing campaigns as per your requirements so that you can get truly connect with each recipients' interest. You can do segregate the readers such as based on age group, gender, geographic location, occupation etc. This will help you and ensure that you are sending your mail to the right people.

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Observe attention of your Audience’s and interact with them

Today's people are multi-tasking and scroll their news feeds while watching video, checking emails and browsing shopping sites. However, you need to formulate creative ways to grab their attention, and hold it until you've delivered your message from their sides. You can use witty headlines, attractive offers with visually-appealing images, eye-catchy icons for CTA and short content. Keep eye catchy headlines and good visuals to gather strong and more users’ attention in a quick way.

Keep content short and State Clear Call to Action

The main thing is your email campaign should have a clear purpose with following goals. So that you can get successfully earned your end-users attention towards your brands, products or services.

  • Why are you sending this email?
  • Is this mail really does impact to your target customers?
  • Visuals are related to your campaign?
  • How your competitors send their email keep an eye on that content once.
  • Can we achieve with an effective Call-to-Action?

Do you want your users should visit your website or subscribe to your newsletter? Do you want they should like your Facebook Product or Brand page or someone make a purchase in your online store? Bring your attention to these goals with an effective clear-to-action (CTA). You will definitely get success in your campaign.

Write Professional Way and Decorate with Interactive Content

However, while writing a mail for campaign your message should be short and penetrative. Long message can’t read by end users because they don’t have time or patience to read. Use good visuals related to your campaign purpose, correct typos and errors free message.

Always check and prepare your messages thoroughly. Workout on your time, plan out your campaign and draft an outline for your campaign. More so write a copy and proofread thoroughly, and make sure if you want to add a voice over that should goes consistent with your brand or services.


There are more chances of response to email campaign than social media campaigns. Everyday thousands of emails come to our inbox and out of those 15% goes to spam folder. However, if we think about Privacy that is another reason why because email message maintain privacy than social media platforms. In social media, same message anyone can read and do comment in different ways. Whereas email campaigns have shortlists more target customers by keeping privacy with the users.At UXD Media setting up regular campaigns based on email marketing is quite cheap, cost about just $80 per month. UXD Media, among the Best email marketing companies in Delhi, we have many vendors for them we do campaign on daily basis to reach out their target customers worldwide.


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