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Coca-Cola Using AI to know it’s Consumers Moods

Coca-Cola is one of the largest beverage companies in the world. Did you know Coca-Cola provided soft drinks for around 2 billion people every day?

How AI Works for Coca-Cola

Today, Cocoa-Cola does marketed and sold in around 200 countries and concerning on various things such as test and flavors, sugar, calorie etc. So for that, they need content and they do gather data from various locations and analyze on huge data about people and their interests, preferences, likes, disliked etc.However Coca-Cola is also trying to be as a top brand in soft drink and beverage in the world.

Using AI and Technology for Practice

Coca-Cola uses AI to analyze data from various Social Media Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In and Pinterest. It is especially does focus on customers interests to consume Cocoa-Cola products. It is also analyze on popularity of the brands and products related to soft drinks and beverages in the markets.

As you know Coca-Cola is the giant in soft drinks and beverages and serving people through vending machines worldwide. Now these days they have some new and hi-tech vending machines integrated with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and those are typically interacts with the customer through a led touch-screen display by enabling them to know about their interest, preferences. The thing is AI algorithms have been added into the machine so that it can do read user’s most likely or less likely or their preference flavors like so on. More so, this AI integrated vending machines can do display scenarios according to location, means if it is in GYM  then that focused on achieving more performance related to health. If it is in a shopping mall then that displaying a colorful happy scenarios with some fun. Similarly if it is in a hospital then that appears related to more functional about to keep an eye on patients’ health.

Besides this, Coca-Cola also allowed customers to encourage them and engage with some offers and schemes, an image recognition technology integrated in the system. That technology verified many things about the users by taking a single picture through mobile phone.Coca-Cola installed over 1 million vending machines more in Japan and other locations of the world and to analyze users’ data that setup around 37 social centers by using Sales force framework. Coca-Cola has aim is to get more users data so that they can do research and analyze more about consumer’s interests. Here once algorithms determined that specific user was likely to be a fan of cold coffee and shared photos on social media among friends or groups means Coca-Cola will get a target customer for them.

Using AI and Technology for Practice

Using Image Recognition Technology

In terms of “image recognition technology”Coca-Cola use at the time of purchase verification they don’t use self-image recognition as of now because low-resolution of dot matrix printing  that is not get clear to identify the consumers. After all they create new image recognition solution as own using by Google’s Tensor Flow.  This system use Convolutional Neural Networks to enable machine recognition of codes as well.

Result using by AI

While billions of consumers’ data gathered by Coca-Cola from vending machines and understand more about its consumers’ behavior and their buying habits across the world. Using AI and advanced technology with many efforts and explored huge data of social media posts with deep learning as well as analysis of social engagement metrics that produce social advertising which is provided more accurate to produce with customers and drive sales of its products finally.

In the business world, AI is enabling businesses to work smarter and faster by doing more with significantly less. Today technology and society both continued towards advance way and many large companies are looking for powerful and sophisticated solutions so that they can improve their business and streamline operations.


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