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Artificial Intelligence can predict Bowel Cancer

Bowel Cancer and AI

Colon cancer is a typical cancer that begins in the colon which is called as large intestine. Colon is the final part of the digestive tract. Bowel cancer or colon cancer that is basically affects after age 40 or more, but this is not mandatory that can happen at any age. Colon cancer generally begins with a small infection as clumps and later on that cells infected gradually and converted into polyps that is created inside of the colon. Over the period of time these polyps can cause cancers in the bowel or colon.

Today technology gone advanced and Artificial Intelligence come out to help in the healthcare industry. Recently, in China, at Huazhong University of Science and Technology a team of AI researchers developed a new AI Model, the system can help to identify patients’ bowel or color cancer. The team said, we hope itmay help to predict the severity of the malignant grade of cancers and the researchers team said that this is really curable if that is detected in the early stage before spread to others parts of the body, they also told new method also can help to identify bowel cancers in at-risk patients at beginning stage.

bowel cancer and treatment through ai

Leverage AI Techniques

Especially, Bowel cancer patients they do colonoscopy for diagnosis. But colonoscopy procedure is not very easy and comfortable for patients. It is also very harmful and creates many complications for the patients so that’s why most of the patients not interested to go for colonoscopy easily.

After some research the researchers found some AI techniques to incorporate for Bowel Cancer or Colon Cancer treatment. They prepared an AI model where the system will be self-learner to perform particular tasks without explicit instructions. So however, this will be a less harmful diagnostic method that can detect bowel cancer. The model that is based on nine methylation markers related to bowel cancer it works by screening for methylation markers a chemical modification to human body DNA and found cancer tumors.

In a recent survey, the team identified by samples of the blood component plasma from around 800 patients with the malignant disease and controls 1020 patients as well.

Machine Learning Model

Here, the machine learning model means that could be a mathematical representation for a real predictions and the learning algorithm always finds patterns in the given data and that can be used to make as predictions.Researchers also said that the Machine Learning Model needs to be further assessed for reliability by detecting cancer tumors in colon of the patients.

As we know there is an array of research studies suggesting that AI can do perform better than humans at key healthcare tasks especially by diagnosing of typical disease. Today, AI algorithms are already performed amazing for radiologists to identify malignant tumors and guiding researchers by how to construct cohorts for costly clinical trials. Overall, AI is increasingly prevalent in our life as well as business and applied to healthcare.


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